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For our Homeowners

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Dear Homeowner,

We are Premier Vacation Rentals Group – truly the premier option for lodging and vacation rental management. This company was founded by two principal individuals: one has over 27 years of experience in resort management, property management, homeowner relations, development, and real estate; and the other has over 10 years of experience in financial management for multi-national organizations. Learn more about the owners of PVRG. We’ve been successfully managing vacation rental property since 2004. Experience is our fundamental calling card and we offer more of it than any other vacation rental management group in Bend OR, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Ouray, Ridgway, Steamboat Springs & Vail CO, Moab UT, Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ & Santa Fe NM – with more destinations and markets planned for the future!

One of the tenets of successful business organizations is focus. Focus is something we focus on, and it’s the core of our strategy. We do three things exceptionally well.

  1. Marketing – We utilize the most successful combination of existing and innovative marketing strategies for vacation rental properties. We own several rental properties ourselves and have spent years honing our messaging and presence in the market to develop our current proprietary strategy. We make considerable financial investments in our website, Google Ad Words, regional tourism offices and chamber of commerce websites, in addition to a vast array of traditional and non-traditional marketing channels for vacation rental properties to drive traffic to our website. For more information on our marketing efforts see our Marketing Services Page. We use the best vacation rental software in the industry which, among other things, allows us to perform rate and yield management analysis. Who else has a financial wizard at the helm to evaluate these areas of the business? Nobody else.
  1. Logistics – We understand customer service. If you’re always having to refill your reservations year after year because you failed to impress upon your guests the seamless and nearly invisible aspects of your high-quality services and product (we only accept A-rated product into our program), then you’ve got to start over with new guests in each property every year. We believe in cultivating repeat customers by simplifying their entire experience from the first phone call or email to their departure, while offering the highest quality product to them at the best possible competitive value. Our phones are answered not by someone making an hourly wage, but by someone with ownership in the company. We assure you, this makes all the difference.
  1. Homeowner Relations – If these were ranked, this would be number one. We recognize that our success depends upon your success. Customer service doesn’t end at the guest experience; it begins with our owner experience. You can expect an immediate reply to any inquiry or concern. You can expect to be treated with the highest value and regard. You can expect that we’re as concerned about managing the quality and presentation of your asset as you are. You can expect accurate and timely payment and information, presented in a clear and efficient manner. In addition, our historic gross revenue per unit matches or exceeds that of our competitors, but efficiencies in our company allow us to charge the most competitive percentage of gross revenues for our services.

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We look forward to a lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship. We expect that you expect the best … and that’s what we offer.

Best regards,
Keith Brant
President and Owner