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Marketing Services

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Here are a few of the ways we market your property:

  • All properties in our program are required to be on VRBO. It’s the 500 pound gorilla of lodging internet marketing and it’s still growing by leaps.  For many sought-after properties and locations, this site will provide most of their lead sources and may be more than enough.  We handle all of the set up and administration of your VRBO listing. We’ve mastered the art of gaining prominence for our listings on this site, and because of our buying power, we pass the discounts offered to us on to you.
  • Other channel partners. Some properties need more, whether they are immersed in a large field of competition, off the beaten path, or have other challenges.  And some just need maximum exposure.  For these properties we have several other sites we work with including HomeAway, AirBNB, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, Expedia and vacationrentals.com. One of the ways we feel the vacation rental industry will be most impacted over the next decade is the implementation of access to Global Distribution Network partners like Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, Booking.com and others. The advent of these networks fundamentally changed the way consumers behaved when booking travel, but vacation rentals have been out of the loop until now. We’ll work to find the right combination of on-line presence among the hundreds of available sites on which to list your property.  Our listings are now eligible for monitored access to approximately 60 channel partners and we incorporate them when and where it makes sense to build revenue for your residence. We monitor the inventory and rates to ensure this isn’t cannibalizing from your highest rate opportunities. We incorporate the most sophisticated syndication software to enable our listed properties to be broadcast out to an array of channel partners.  We also work with local wholesale travel operators to drive revenue to your property when it makes sense to do so.
  • Professional photography. We strongly feel this is one of the most overlooked elements of the on-line presence for lodging properties. Since most of the competition takes an amateur approach here, it’s easy for our listings to stand out and immediately communicate a sense of quality and professionalism.  We have our own professional photographer photograph every unit in our program.
  • No deposit. Wait a second, no deposit? Are we crazy? We self fund a damage program that allows your guests to simply pay a nominal percentage of their rate for $2,000 in damage coverage on your unit. Other operators have disclaimers that say they’ll charge a credit card, which are easy to dispute, or they take a small deposit, usually less than $500. Large deposits discourage guests, while low security deposits make property owners nervous.  We offer the best of both worlds and we mention it right on our listings. The real beauty of this is that we don’t spend any time trying to track down, and debate who was responsible for damage. We just get it fixed quickly because we approve our own damage claims and we notify you. The expediency and efficiency of this process is one of the reasons many of our owners recommend us highly.
  • Yield Management.We’re experts at managing the yield (optimum rate at the optimum time of year) for each of our properties. This means that our properties are perceived as a value to our guests while we’re actually maximizing the rates charged, occupancy, and revenue for our owners. Price is one of the most critical elements to any marketing plan. We know when to charge more and when to charge less, and we do it in an intelligent, systematic, and highly-successful strategy. We’re tuned in to and constantly evaluating our rental metrics and local area demand cycles (one of the true benefits of hiring a local company). And because we utilize sophisticated rate management systems, we’re known for outperforming the competition.
  • Premier Vacation Rentals is listed on the local Travel and Tourism sites.
  • Premier Vacation Rentals is listed on the local Chamber of Commerce sites.
  • PremierVacationRentalsGroup.com is our on-line listing resource that consolidates all our listings, and we have specialized local URL’s for each area we operate in.  We hired an expert in website development and search engine optimization to ensure that we’re at the front of the line with most Internet search results like Google. We implemented a responsive website before most folks knew what that meant, for instance, because we noticed the statistical trend of more searches for vacation rentals using phones and tablets (responsive websites adjust content and usability automatically based on the size of the screen being used to view them – really cool stuff).
  • Premier Vacation Rentals pays for a banner ads on travel and tourism and chamber sites where available.
  • WE ANSWER THE PHONE PERSONALLY and return email inquiries immediately. The statistics on this are staggering. HomeAway tracks statistics and inquiries that are responded to within 3 hours have a 57% higher chance of converting to a reservation.  We waste no time at all.  One of our owners answers the call personally and if he’s on the phone, he’ll call back immediately. Email inquiries are handled within ten minutes of receipt (and we never miss one because inquiries ping our text on our phones), and we follow-up virtually instantaneously with a phone call.  Wouldn’t it be great if you talked directly to the General Manager, or better yet the owner of the company when you called to book your resort reservation?  That’s what it’s like when customers and owners call us – we get it and we know our success is primarily founded on how that first interaction goes with all our customers. Your success and ours are inextricably linked.
  • A-rated units only. Many of our guests are repeat guests, and we continually strive to make this a larger part of our market. Many who visit our communities now just call us directly instead of perusing the listings. They know we only handle exceptionally nice product and therefore they have confidence that their vacation and the hard-earned money they are spending on it is in good and reliable hands.
  • Professional Writing. One of our principals is a professional writer who has written for the likes of Inside Outside, Durango Magazine, and Ski Magazine.  The narrative presentation of our lodging offerings is unsurpassed in the industry. We were recently recognized by HomeAway (the parent company of most of the vacation rental sites (including VRBO) in the world) for the quality of our listings and for the fact that we have higher clicks and conversions than most in their network (over a million listings). We presented as a panel representing the best in the industry at their recent conference and we’ve been asked twice to meet personally with their CEO and other executive team members to offer feedback on our success and experiences with their organization.
  • Rack card advertisements at area information and visitor centers.
  • Email blasts to previous guests and inquiries. We create a quarterly newsletter to promote bookings as well as to advise our past guests and inquiries of reasons to travel to our area in the upcoming season. As our guest list continues to grow, the potency of this system increases. Our ultimate goal is to establish our brand through this process, among others, so our potential guests turn to us first and often for their travel to this area.
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing. We pay Google for certain AdWords and strings that direct searching web users to our site and ultimately your property. This greatly enhances the number of visitors to our website. It costs money, but it also makes more money for us all.
  • Instant follow-up with each rental guest post-departure. We’ve always been at the forefront of the technological advances in our industry, so much so that we’re often called upon in Beta-tests of industry software. One recent feature we installed allows each guest to instantly receive a request for a review on your property. More reviews and higher ratings drive business to your listing because renters look for them and because websites prioritize listings with more and higher reviews. We’re currently working with VRBO to include a “Book Next Year” functionality on this system that will immediately allow your guest to reserve your residence for next year. The statistics on this process that we now perform manually is impressive, so automating it will likely have a great impact.
  • Book it now functionality on listings and Instant Bookings. We were one of the first property managers in the country to test out the new “Book It Now” features on many participating listing sites. It has increased our bookings dramatically as guests continue to adapt to something they’re already familiar with in airlines, hotels, resorts, and rental cars. Vacation homes can now be booked without having to wait for us to respond, or really interact with us in any way other than our follow-up security measures. Our website also features an e-commerce lodging page which enables guests to book directly with us and bypass any fees charged by our channel partners.  This is the future of vacation rentals.
  • UbiquityWe’re now operating in 9 distinct regional markets.  This means that we have more customers calling our phone lines and emailing us for reservations.  Add our thousands of former guests to whom we market to regularly, and we’re able to generate a higher percentage of leads per unit than companies without our resources.  More leads mean more sales, and all boats rise in this tide.
  • No Fees! Unlike almost every short-term rental management company we know of, we don’t make money off of erroneous fees.  The incorporation of on-line booking on this site has allowed us to let your guests bypass the fees charged by other platforms as well, and they’re so appreciative that they often come to us without using those intermediaries.  This means happier customers and more bookings.
  • And more…We don’t want to give away all of our secrets to our competitors, but the above should give you a pretty good idea of the many things we do to ensure we’re maximizing your revenue from a marketing perspective. We are constantly innovating and trying to find ways to drive quality customers to your property. After all, we’re in this business together!